Hello Panty Fetishists and Curious On-Lookers!

Imagine This …

I’m at my job, and I’m sitting in a boardroom meeting, looking around the table. I KNOW that I am likely wearing the sexist undergarments of all and if anyone knew my naughty little secret they would be stunned! Knowing I have this taboo fetish, sitting next to these business professionals and knowing that my sexy clothing is being worn for YOU … a stranger because you crave that special part of me! WOW … a powerful exciting thought!

… and this is my daily reality!!

Marking them with my unique sweet scent is what makes this extra special for me and rewarding for you. If you enjoy the feminine essence of a woman’s arousal then you’ll love my items! I do not disappoint! In fact, if you want to skip this page and go right to comments and stories written about me from my awesome panty fans, then you can click here and read for hours from others who have experienced me. I have many repeat panty fans and I am as loyal to them as they are to me!



Simply put, there are many people, just like us (you and I), who love the silky feeling and sexy look of beautiful feminine intimates. I have a modest little panty website called the Panty Ranch because it is my fetish and my hobby! It takes a lot of my free time to maintain, but I feel it’s fun, and worth it for all of us!  I’m open to suggestions so please drop me your comments anytime!












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